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TLC in Manila Bulletin

TLC_MB.jpgNational daily Manila Bulletin featured The Lewis College on the front of their Schools, Colleges and Universities Bulletin section (E1), To see the online version of this article, click here (this opens a new window/tab).

  • The Lewis College Photo Collage
  • The Lewis College Photo Collage
  • The Lewis College Photo Collage
TLC President receives 'Trailblazer of Democracy' Award

Loida Nicolas Lewis receives ‘Trailblazer of Democracy’ Award in New York City

(original article found at Asian Journal, 

Filipino-American businesswoman and philanthropist Loida Nicolas Lewis was awarded the Trailblazer of Democracy Award by The Eleanor’s Legacy organization at their fall luncheon last October 24 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in New York City.

Eleanor’s Legacy honored Mrs. Lewis for her continued contributions to the empowerment of women in the political and public arena The organization, which focuses on empowering political candidates who follow in the footsteps of former US First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, supports Democratic women who are aspiring for local and state offices in the State of New York. Eleanor’s Legacy connects candidates with political volunteers and experts, and teaches them about running campaigns...

Also among the honored guests was New York Senator Charles E. Schumer, who also spoke highly of Mrs. Lewis while addressing the large conference of guests.

“Loida Lewis is one of America ‘s leading Filipina women,” Schumer said. “Fifteen years ago, when there was a desperate shortage of nurses in this country, and the talent of Filipina women to come here and be nurses was being blocked by the same kind of non-thinking approach to immigration that too many exhibit in Washington today. Loida led the charge to change. There are now thousands of Filipina nurses in America, and particularly in New York,” he added.... 

As a philanthropist, Mrs. Lewis has contributed a considerable amount to a number of causes, such as The Lewis College in her hometown of Sorsogon Province, Philippines that gives scholarships to Filipino children from pre-K to University...

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