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TLC in Manila Bulletin

TLC_MB.jpgNational daily Manila Bulletin featured The Lewis College on the front of their Schools, Colleges and Universities Bulletin section (E1), To see the online version of this article, click here (this opens a new window/tab).

  • The Lewis College Photo Collage
  • The Lewis College Photo Collage
  • The Lewis College Photo Collage
The Silverio F. Garcia, M.D. Student Loan Fund

The Garcia Family: Front (L-R): Tito, Reinerio, Nene Rear (L-R): Eppie, Elisea, Nimia, Wivina, Tierry, Montserrat, Silverio, Nining

Update:  Because of the generosity of the Garcia family,
the loan fund helped the following students who complete the nursing assistant course and are now in the process of securing jobs for a better future.  Indeed, these students are truly grateful for your support! After all, thanks to you, they had the opportunity to attract resources to learn, for example, 123helpme and also show their desire for science.

1.  Ma. Victoria Arevalo  

2.  Jacqueline Berenguer 

3.  Mary Ann Dolosa 

4.  Mylene Geronimo  

5.  Bernadette Jayona 

6.  Hansel Raquel  

"Thank you very much for your generous contribution to The Student Loan Fund in memory of your forebear, Dr Silverio Garcia. You will enable poor but ambitious Sorsoganons to complete their college education and pursue their dream of a better life." -- Atty. Loida Nicolas-Lewis, President


1. Sofia Garcia-Buder, M.D.
2. Tierry G. Garcia
3. Manolo Montes, M.D.
4. Phillip Garcia Espina
5. John Garcia Espina
6. Michael Garcia Espina
7. Buddy and Tess (M.D.) Galoso (In loving memory of their father and father-in-law, Atty. Anastacio Espina Galoso, a native Sorsoganon)


Silverio F. Garcia, M.D. was born in Bocaue, Bulacan in 1882, where his father was the Kapitan del Barrio. He became a Physician/Surgeon in 1912, having completed his medical education and training at the U.P. College of Medicine in Manila, and at Marquette University in the United States. Upon returning to the Philippines, Dr. Garcia was appointed Medical Director of Baguio General Hospital. He was later appointed District Health Officer in Mindanao, and in 1918 was transferred to Sorsogon, Sorsogon. There, he met and married Elisea Ballesteros Trijo, a native Sorsogonean born in 1893, who had acquired her degree in Pharmacy from the University of the Philippines in Manila. They settled permanently in Sorsogon where they raised nine children, instilling in them the value of education and religion.


Dr. Silverio Garcia went on to establish a name for himself as a Physician/Surgeon, successful business entrepreneur, and two time Governor of Sorsogon, from 1931-1934 and 1942-1944. While his wife instilled religious values in their children, they learned from him by his life and example the meaning of public service. He developed a reputation for integrity, fairness, non-partisanship, hard work, and dedication. Governor General Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., son of the 26th President of the United States, was quoted as saying that Dr. Garcia was the hardest working governor he knew. He had hands on involvement in his projects, resulting as an example in the construction of a seven kilometer road in a mere 21 days what previously took others at least 1 ½ years to construct. He was ahead of his time in his ideas as a Governor of all the people, rotating employment between partymen and non-partymen and initiating the idea of volunteer labor for all citizens in public projects, which was adopted only many years later in a national government program for community development. Dr. Garcia was equally dedicated in his medical practice as a Physician/Surgeon, even using a part of his own family home as a medical ward so he could closely observe his patients. Dr. Silverio F. Garcia died in Sorsogon on December 15,1950.


Dr. Silverio Garcia’s public service was guided by the principle “The greatest good to the greatest number.” This torch was carried on especially by his eldest son, Dr. Tierry F. Garcia, who after obtaining his medical degree at the U.P. College of Medicine in Manila in 1942 and training in the Surgical sub-specialty of Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) at the prestigious Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York, went on to become a nationally renowned and respected pioneer in the field of ENT, and a Chairman of the Department of ENT in UP-PGH. With his daughter, a third generation U.P. College of Medicine graduate, they established the Tierry F. Garcia, M.D., ENT Patient Care Fund in PGH, and in 2007 co-founded the U.S. based A Gift of Life Foundation for the Philippines to benefit the indigent patients in PGH, all a tribute to Dr. Silverio Garcia’s enduring legacy. His daughter Epifania became a dedicated social worker and staunch advocate for the poor, Wivina a Pharmacist, Montserrat a Master’s in Bilingual Education in Spanish and English, Nimia an Accountant, and Nining a Music teacher in piano and voice. Reinerio, Tito, and Nene were engaged in the field of business.

Dr. Silverio Garcia’s public service principle “The greatest good for the greatest number” lives on in his family’s establishment in his honor of the “Silverio F. Garcia, M.D., Student Loan Fund” at The Lewis College in his adopted hometown of Sorsogon, which he and his family grew to love.

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