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Reginald F. Lewis
"Keep going, no matter what."

- Reginald F. Lewis

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Twelve-point agenda steers new Admin
After the Founder and President, Atty. Loida Nicolas Lewis appointed Dr. Rose D. Anonat, Officer-in-Charge of The Lewis College in April 2007, the latter presented to the Faculty and Staff the 12-Point Agenda which spells the road to accomplishments so earnestly desired.

The Agenda which will steer TLC’s course for the first phase which spans three years (2007-2010) has been discussed in detail by Dr. Anonat during a general conference of all faculty and staff. The Agenda includes the following items:

1. Empowerment. Without fear, a faculty member or any employee has the freedom to present ideas, opinions, concepts, and principles he thinks is worthwhile. Everyone has the right to be heard.

2. Synergy. It is desired that every faculty member and employee has the capability to act on approved plan in coordination with the concerned person or agency. It also includes sourcing out materials and human resources.

3. Improved Quality Standard. The school strives to improve student performance in English, Science and Math through enhanced teacher competencies, adequate instructional materials and appropriate strategies.

4. Appropriate Compensation. All employees will be properly compensated according to the school’s salary standard which is comparable to the national rate given by the government to its employees.

5. State of the Art Facilities. It is the objective of the administration that all facilities in school are functional, well-maintained and updated.

6. Evaluation/Assessment Focus. One way of ensuring quality is the constant evaluation/assessment of all facets involved in an educational institution. During this period, TLC will exert effort to prepare materials needed for school accreditation/evaluation/assessment by recognized entities.

7. New Course Offerings. The Lewis College strives to determine the demand for new courses vis-a-vis the industrial and employment needs locally and globally.

8. Parent-Student Friendly Atmosphere. As partners in education, parents should be given greater participation in school activities by having close coordination with the administration and faculty. Thus, minimizing complaints and establishing a friendly atmosphere.

9. Effective Marketing. The life of the school is the presence of students and other clients. TLC devises effective marketing strategies to reach out to more people for whom educational services will be extended.

10. Competency-Based Training of Faculty. A strong and competent faculty makes quality education. TLC will see to it that its faculty receives the appropriate national or local trainings needed for competent teaching.

11. Money Management. As early as possible every TLC student and employee should be able to earn and use his monetary resources to the best advantage according to his status.

12. Spiritual Life Development. Above all, human life is endowed with a spirit that comes from the Almighty One. It is our belief that temporal life should be subdued to the undying spirit; and that spirit should be nourished and cultivated if life on earth is made meaningful and pleasing to His presence.

This twelve-point agenda is reviewed periodically to map out the extent and progress of the school accomplishments.

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