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TLC in Manila Bulletin

TLC_MB.jpgNational daily Manila Bulletin featured The Lewis College on the front of their Schools, Colleges and Universities Bulletin section (E1), To see the online version of this article, click here (this opens a new window/tab).

Gaming and Fashion: How Video Games Influence Teen Style

🎮 Video games have come a long way since their inception, evolving from simple pixelated graphics to immersive, lifelike worlds. But it's not just the gameplay that has evolved; gaming has also made a significant impact on the fashion choices of teenagers across the globe. In this article, we'll explore how video games have become a major influencer in the world of teen fashion.

The Rise of Gaming Merchandise

🕹️ One of the most prominent ways video games have influenced teen style is through merchandise. Gamers proudly wear apparel and accessories featuring their favorite game titles, characters, and logos. The rise of gaming merchandise has turned classic game icons into fashion statements. Iconic symbols like the Super Mario mushroom, the Triforce from The Legend of Zelda, and the iconic "P" from Pokémon have become fashion staples.

Gaming merchandise has made its way into the mainstream, with high-end fashion brands collaborating with game developers to create limited-edition clothing lines. This fusion of gaming and fashion has blurred the lines between virtual and real worlds, allowing teens to express their love for gaming through their clothing choices.

Character Cosplay

🧙‍♀️ Another trend that has gained immense popularity is character cosplay. Teens are not only playing as their favorite characters in video games but also dressing up as them in real life. The attention to detail in cosplay outfits is astonishing, with dedicated fans spending hours crafting costumes to replicate their beloved game characters.

Conventions like Comic-Con have become hubs for gamers to showcase their cosplay creations. Cosplay has turned into an art form, with teens drawing inspiration from games like Overwatch, Final Fantasy, and The Witcher series to create stunning and elaborate costumes.

Gaming-Inspired Streetwear

🚀 The influence of video games on teen style has extended beyond traditional merchandise and cosplay. Gaming-inspired streetwear has become a subculture of its own. Teens are now combining their passion for gaming with urban fashion to create unique and edgy looks.

From graphic tees featuring iconic game moments to sneakers adorned with game-themed artwork, the fusion of gaming and streetwear is unmistakable. Teens are constantly seeking new and creative ways to incorporate their gaming interests into their daily attire.

The Future of Gaming Fashion

🌟 As video games continue to evolve and captivate the hearts of teenagers worldwide, the influence on fashion is likely to grow stronger. With the advent of virtual reality and augmented reality gaming experiences, we can expect even more immersive fashion trends to emerge.

In conclusion, the relationship between gaming and fashion has become increasingly symbiotic. Teens are embracing their gaming identities and expressing them through their clothing choices. Video games have transcended entertainment, becoming a powerful force in shaping the style of a new generation.